CRC 5-56
Indoor and outdoor

CRC 5-56 can be used for almost everything, everywhere, the uses are endless. And if you are an experienced user, you know exactly what we are talking about.

5-56 Universal Spray
5-56 Universal Spray

lUbricant oil

Help get rid of distracting sounds quickly and regain a nice and smooth function with 5-56. It works just as well for your motorcycle as it does for squeaky stroller wheels. And the more you use it, the more uses you’ll find!

Lubricant oil motorcycle

5-56 works perfectly for lubrication, loose contacts, rusted parts and protection against moisture. You can also use 5-56 to clean your motorcycle from oil, dirt and asphalt stains.

Lubricant oil bicycle

Take care of your bike with 5-56 and make sure it is ready all year round. Lubricate moving parts such as gears, bicycle locks, brakes and other levers. 5-56 can also be used to expel moisture from electronic components and for cleaning, e.g. the bicycle chain.

Lubricant oil hinges

When the lubrication oil between the moving parts of the hinges has dissolved it starts to squeak, easily solved by spraying 5-56 in the open gaps. Works just as well inside the house, outside, and in your vehicle.

5-56 Universal Spray

Corrosion protection spray

5-56 works like a charm to keep rust on all metals at a far distance. To name a few usage areas in your household it can be sprayed on your garden tools, such as secateurs or hedge trimmers, or the window boxes on your balcony

Corrosion protection for your car

Use 5-56 to protect your car against corrosion. Apply it to areas at risk of being attacked, and that’s it! Done and protected.

Corrosion protection for your bicycle

After cleaning and looking after your bike, spray an additional layer of 5-56 to keep corrosion away.

Corrosion protection for metal

5-56 is safe to use for the protection of corrosion on all metals.

5-56 Universal Spray

Cleaning spray

5-56 is not as well known for its cleaning ability, but it works very well. You can use 5-56 for cleaning stainless steel appliances such as your fridge or sink. Or you can use it to easily remove stickers from glasses, sideboards, doors etc.

Glue remover

To get rid of stubborn glue residues, spray on 5-56, wait a few minutes and then scrape off the glue without any hassle.

Remove crayon from walls

Isn’t it wonderful when children discover through being creative? But maybe not as fun when they’ve done it on your floors or doors. If you’re not planning on keeping the artwork, spray 5-56 on a soft cloth or directly on the artwork if the surface allows, and then just wipe it off. Always test on a small area first.

Stainless steel cleaning

5-56 works perfectly for stainless steel cleaning. It works for most areas in your kitchen, for example, your stainless steel sink, fridge, splashback or cooker hood. You can even use it to clean your stainless steel watch.

CRC 5-56 Glossary

Corrosion means erosion. To an untrained eye, it looks like rust. But rust only affects iron or iron materials, such as steel.

When we say that 5-56 has superior penetration properties, we mean that it is excellent at reaching places that are hard to get to. For example, if you spray 5-56 in a door lock, 5-56 goes far into the locking mechanism and works its magic.

Sediment is dirt that has accumulated in a layer, for example, gravel and stone stuck in the bicycle chain’s oil.

Propellant is the CO2-neutral gas that we fill 5-56 with for easy spraying.

Use CRC 5-56 for everything from A to Z

Lubricate wheels and protect the metal from water and moisture.

Bicycles & Electric Scooters
Expel moisture in lighting, loosen sluggish nuts, clean and polish

Dissolves dirt and sediment for easier handling.

Spray to protect against oxidation, e.g. balcony lighting or in the car.

Car battery
Protect cables and connections to avoid short circuits.

Car scratch remover
Remove paint scratches on the car. Spray and rub off with a soft cloth.

Clean and protect chrome and parts.

Doors & Hinges
Help with sluggish locks, handles or squeaky hinges.

Lubricate and protect for longer durability.

Electrical connections
Forms a protective coating against oxidation in cars, mopeds etc.

Equipment for marine use
Protect from water and moisture to prevent oxidation.

Fishing tackle
Clear out a tangled fishing line, clean and protect against wet and moisture.

Garden tools
Lubricate your tools and protect them before and after the season.

Glue residues
Spray on, wait, and then easily remove the glue residue.

Clean and protect your golf clubs.

Inlines & Skateboard
Clean and protect ball bearings from dirt and sediment.

Cleans and protects. Can also help loosen tangled chains.

Lubricate for a smoother function.

Outdoor lightning
Protect from water and moisture to prevent corrosion and electrical failure.

Lubricate for flexibility and spray the blades for protection.

Sliding doors & windows
Lubricate rails and handles for smoother functionality.

Snow shovel
Lubricate the snow shovel to avoid snow getting stuck when shovelling.

Spark plug
Facilitates assembly, removes creeping current, and protects against water and moisture.

Stainless steel
Easily clean refrigerators, doors, sinks etc.

Starter motors
Protect against oxidation and moisture.

Spray on the sticker, wait, then remove it easily.

Lubricate moving parts to protect, counteract noise and protect against rust.

Stuck glasses
Spray to easily get one glass out of the other.

The grill
Protect after the BBQ season to prevent rust and corrosion.

Lubricate and protect against rust.

Lubricate and protect against rust for longer durability.

Maintain and lubricate moving parts.

Spray on, wait, wipe and voila!

What’s your best usage tip for 5-56?

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