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Mala Malk


Brand new collaboration with no other than Mala Malk

Mala Malk is a well-known figure in the Finnish motoring world, particularly the world of motorcycling. As editor-in-chief of the Kopteri motorcycle magazine people know about Mala – and Mala knows all about motorbikes. Last year was the 30th anniversary of Kopteri, the ultimate magazine for converted and classic bikes including choppers, customs, bobbers, café racers and classics.

It’s no coincidence that Mala became editor-in-chief of a motorcycle magazine. His passion for motoring started in childhood. He had a moped at the age of 15 and acquired a motorbike and an American classic car as soon as he turned 18 and got his driver’s licence (no separate licence for a motorbike was needed back then).

The most important aspect for Mala has always been the driving, although of course fixing and tinkering with motorbikes and cars was also part of it.When Mala was tinkering with motors in the garage with his uncle and friends, there was always some 5-56 close at hand. He says this product made anything impossible possible. If there was a rusty screw that wouldn’t budge, the 5-56 solved the problem easily.

As CRC has released new products, new favourites have emerged. Mala’s son Nuutti, the third generation of CRC users, swears by Brakleen but of course he also likes 5-56.
This spring Mala’s face will be seen in shops around Finland when CRC products will be marked with the words ‘approved by Mala Malks’. We’ll also share tips and advice for your motorbike in Kopteri. If you want to check out our products first hand, visit Kopteri’s booth at one of the following motor shows (or all of them!) in Finland this spring – MP23 Motorcycle Show, American Car Show and Hot Rod & Rock Show.

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Björn Johansson

News Partnership


New partnership between coaching experts Guided Heroes and CRC

The sportstech company Guided Heroes was founded five years ago by Björn Johansson, Mattias Reck and Niklas Hellersted, with the vision of creating ‘an Uber for coaching’ and an ambition to get people in movement to exceed themselves. By combining expertise in coaching and training with smooth, easily accessible technology, the company provides customised programmes for all individuals from beginner to elite through the digital platform My Guided Heroes.

In early January, we sat down with Björn to find out more about his background and future ideas for Guided Heroes.

Björn’s story began when he started cycling competitively at the age of eleven. He didn’t enjoy much success in the early years. In his first races he usually trailed behind right from the start. But the story of cyclist Björn Johansson didn’t end after those first races. He proved that grit, persistence and determination always win over talent. Björn gradually edged his way to the top. After a few unexpected successes as a junior, he had become almost unbeatable by 1987 when he won gold in both the individual time trial and the scratch race in the Swedish National Championships, a feat no one else has achieved since. The pinnacle of his cycling career came the following year when he won a place on the podium at the Seoul Olympics. He competed in one more Olympics before hanging up his number bib once and for all, but his passion for cycling is still going strong.

Today Björn is involved in various projects and businesses, but he regards Guided Heroes as his ‘baby’.

‘I’m delighted that our newly developed digital platform My Guided Heroes is now up and running and can match athletes with top coaches in a way that has never been possible before. The times are gone when you had to download and print out a PDF of your training session or meet your coach,’ he says. ‘We make personal training accessible wherever you live in Sweden, or even in the world. At the same time, you still have the feeling of being close to your coach and we work hard to create the feeling of a digital changing room where you can share pep talks and inspiration with other athletes.’

We at CRC have started a collaboration with Guided Heroes which we are very excited about. We hope to spread awareness about our cycling products, and are also hoping to get expert testimonials about our new products. Many exciting projects are in the pipeline, and Team CRC will be a wonderful start with Björn as one of the coaches.

You can apply to join Team CRC until 28 February. This year Guided Heroes will give the team free coaching and pep talks both up until and during the CRC 5-56 Stadsgirot 60 km and Vätternrundan 100 km. Apply today! Wouldn’t it be great to complete in a cycling race with an Olympic medalist?

For more information about Guided Heroes and their services, visit their website.

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CRC – a proud partner of Vätternrundan

Vätternrundan is the world’s largest recreational bike race, attracting thousands of cyclists to Motala every year. With several distances to choose from, there’s a race here for everyone. Vätternrundan is a non-profit organisation that strives to improve public health and donates its annual profits to sports associations around Sweden.

Every year, Vätternrundan organises an outdoor public event in Motala in the week before Midsummer. Exercise enthusiasts from all over Sweden flock here to take up the challenge. The race for the keenest cyclists is Vätternrundan 315 km. After that, the distances get progressively shorter down to the most important event of all: Minivättern, a children’s race where participants ride on a short course and are rewarded with a medal, a bun and everlasting glory.

As of this year, CRC will begin a long-term partnership with Vätternrundan. Like Vätternrundan, we hope to encourage more people to get on their bikes and pedal their way to better health. Whether you’re a 76-year-old recreational cyclist or a 20-year-old elite athlete, Vätternrundan is an event for you! With CRC products, we make sure your bike is in top shape to get you over the finish line.

If you’re curious to try one of the races in Vätternrundan, you’ll find all the information you need on their website. But wait! Before you go, we want to give you some tips on how to prepare for a race.

1. First of all, clean your bike. You can use CRC 5-56 and our wipes, for instance.
2. Make sure the brakes work well and lubricate the chain. CRC Chain Spray is simple to apply.
3. Pump your tyres to the correct pressure. Most tyres have a recommended pressure displayed on the side.
4. Practise on roads. Start at a comfortable pace and gradually increase the distance. The more you cycle, the easier and more fun it gets.
5. Before the race, try cycling about half the distance.

We also warmly recommend that you contact a local cycling club to meet like-minded people and cycle in a group. You can also join Vätternrundan’s Facebook group Hjälp! Jag ska cykla Vättern! for support and advice.

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Len Mazzanti




CRC Industries has appointed Len Mazzanti as Chief Executive Officer. Mazzanti has 30 years of experience developing and leading high performing teams on a global scale.
He will be focused on driving operational excellence and infrastructure capabilities to support CRC’s growth around core product lines, including their environmentally preferred products.

“I’m excited to work with the CRC team to share our compelling programs and new sustainable initiatives with our customers and distribution partners.”

Göteborgs Girot

Event Partnership


CRC 5-56 Stadsgirot 2022

The 16th of May this year was a bit more windy and chilly than usual. But on Heden in Gothenburg, where CRC 5-56 Stadsgirot took place, the temperature was warmer. This year was the first year that CRC sponsored the popular 60 km bike race. And thanks to our 500 contestants who defied the weather, it became a fantastic day! Beginners and experienced riders all gathered together and pedalled their way through city environments, parks and greeneries.

During the day and along the track, we helped the cyclists to look over their bikes with CRC products, such as the multi-spray 5-56 and Bräkleen. We also launched something new! Not a product but definitely a social glue, our phenomenal mascot Fixie! Fixie is a joyous character and helped us out during the day to boost positivity and energy levels.

Svenska Cykelförbundet founded Göteborgsgirot to tie together the city and let people experience all parts of town from the saddle. And just like Göteborgsgirot, we at CRC want to promote the bike’s place in society. With our experience and broad line of bicycle products, we also want to raise awareness of the importance of good maintenance of one’s bike.

A huge thank you from all of us at CRC to all the contestants! We’ll meet again next year!




CRC – proud sponsor of trial cyclist Nadine Kåmark

Nadine Kåmark truly is a woman playing in a different kind of league. Not only does she compete for the Swedish national team in trial cycling, but she also holds an impressive silver medal from the World Cup 2017. As if these achievements weren’t enough, she has also studied the civil engineering program at Chalmers while working on the side. A power lady indeed.

Today Nadine works as a calculation engineer, and at the same time puts a lot of effort into growing trial cycling as a sport in Sweden. Both via her work at Partille Trailclub where she arranges training camps, and also by promoting the sport through performances and shows. Today trial is a minority sport in Sweden, while it’s huge in other countries such as Spain. This means that most competitions are arranged abroad.
When competing and training, the condition of the bike is vital. The gear needs to be in top condition for safety and achieve good results. And this is where CRC comes in. With our broad range of products, we can help Nadine ensure that her equipment is prepared to deliver. With Nadine’s great experience in cycling, we hope to further improve our products for the cycling segment – so that both you and Nadine can go as far as your bike takes you. Safe and sound.
Top 3 tips from Nadine to keep your bike in mint condition:

• Look over your bike regularly. Once a year is too rare, it should be done at least once a month.
• Pay attention to any rattles or squeaking sounds, that’s not how it’s supposed to sound. You may hear that something needs to be tightened or lubricated with 5-56, to prevent breakage.
• Check that your tires are well pumped. You’re just wasting your energy biking with tires without enough air pressure.

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