Look around you, there are a lot of things in your home that can benefit from 5-56. It works as a lubricant, corrosion protection, and cleaning spray – so just start spraying! Lubricate, clean, protect and while you’re at it – get rid of squeaky noises as well!

5-56 Universal Spray
  • Lubricates Lubricates and restores smooth function.
  • Protects Forms a protective film against rust and corrosion.
  • Water repellent Expels and shuts out water and moisture.
  • Cleans Cleans everything from paint scratches to glue residue.
  • Loosens Loosens tight-fitting bolts, nuts and other parts.
  • Penetrates Rapidly penetrates and releases parts.

360° spray system

Easy to use. 5-56 can be kept straight, on the side or upside down.

95% active product

More product thanks to CO2 neutral propellant.


Shake the spray can one minute before use for optimal pressure and mixture.

I want to buy 5-56!

Which one should I choose?



  • Quick help in everyday life
  • Original formula
  • Works for everything, and then some
5-56 BIO

NEW! 5-56 BIO

  • Readily biodegradable (OECD 301B >60 %)
  • Same high quality and function as the original
  • Multiple sizes, both with the original spray head and with Clever-Straw
5-56 Clever Straw CRC

5-56 Clever-Straw

  • Spray head with dual function
  • Easy to apply on large surfaces
  • Built-in straw for precision

Common questions about CRC 5-56

Can I use 5-56 everywhere?

5-56 is safe to use on most surfaces. We advise that you test on a small area first. Remember to never use 5-56 near a fire, hot surfaces or try to puncture the can. Our safety recommendations are printed on the spray can if you are unsure.

How should I store 5-56?

Simply place 5-56 in an upright position. Of course, it should be placed far away from fire or hot surfaces (such as radiators or a fireplace). 5-56 should not be stored where there is a risk of freezing or where temperatures exceed 40 °C.

Is 5-56 good for your skin?

5-56 is a degreaser, if you get it on your hands, they can become dry or cracked.

How come 5-56 weighs more than equivalent products?

All CRC 5-56 spray cans (except 5-56 +) are propelled with compressed CO2. The advantage of using carbon dioxide is that the aerosol has more quantity of product concentrate because a very low percentage of compressed gas goes into the aerosol. This

means that you will get more active product compared to a liquified propelled product. More product in a spray can, means less impact on the environment and less waste!

Is carbon dioxide (CO2) bad for the environment?

No, it isn’t. CO2 has a GWP (Global Warming Potential) of 1, regardless of the time period used because it’s the gas being used as the reference. CRC Industries guarantees a CO2-neutral footprint during the complete supply chain. Yearly, an independent auditor certifies that all direct CO2 emissions coming from the energy consumption for production to delivery (purification, liquefaction, storage, filling, transport and delivery) of liquid CO2 were compensated by purchasing the equivalent amount of renewable energy. The methodology used by the auditor respects international norms such as NBN ISO 14021:2001 and EIGA IGC doc 167/11/E.

Are spray cans bad for the ozone layer?

Back in the day, it was common to use freons as a propellant in spray paints, hairspray cans and other aerosols. Thanks to Susan Solomon, the world became aware of the danger to the ozone layer from using freon, and it was banned in 1987. Aerosols once filled with freon were a danger, but 5-56 uses CO2, a natural, safer propellant.

Is 5-56 good for my bike?

You can use 5-56 to clean your bike, protect against rust, expel moisture, and loosen hard screws. 5-56 is excellent for degreasing and cleaning your bicycle chain, but we would recommend CRC Bike Oil instead.

Is 5-56 hard to clean up?

It depends on where you use it. If you spray too much on a squeaking hinge, you can wipe it away with paper or a cloth. But if you’re trying to remove your kid’s artwork on your wallpaper, 5-56 will leave stains, so the doodles are probably more pleasant to look at.

How do I use 5-56?


Lubricant oil

Use 5-56 as a lubricant oil for your motorcycle, stroller and more. It works like magic, and that’s a promise.


Corrosion protecion Spray

Take care of your favourite things with 5-56 and ensure that your car, bike or golf clubs stay in peak, corrosion-free condition.


Cleaning spray

Time for a spring clean? 5-56 can remove crayon from walls or get rid of stickers on doors. 5-56, a real problem solver.